May 22, 2020

Hiking Trails in Western New York

Summer has arrived! After a long winter, it is only natural to try to pick outdoor activities. Thankfully, Western New York (WNY) has a variety of beautiful hiking trails.

 Erie County Parks and Recreation provide links and instructions on how to properly hike during COVID-19. WNY is also fortunate to have access to some New York State’s (NYS) most beautiful parks. A complete listing of NYS hiking trails can be found here.

Chestnut Ridge in Orchard Park is a crowd favorite and a great park for the entire family to enjoy. Elma Meadows is another great location to visit with the family and enjoy some free play activities outside, as well as, spacious that will allow for social distancing. For those whose families are concerned about overcrowded parks, try visiting Emery Park, Akron Falls Park, and the Tillman Nature Preserve.

For those looking for a hike that can be reached through public transit or minimal transportation, there are some great routes at Tifft Nature Preserve and  Buffalo Harbor State Park. The trail networks within Stiglmeier Park and Reinstein Woods and also a convenient way to take a hike. 

In Niagara County, you can try the Bond Lake Park or The Town of Lockport Nature Trail. The Nature Trail is perfect for those looking for a quick hike that has different routes leading back to the main trail. For those who would like to extend the hike and enjoy nature, this trail has several benches along the paths for breaks. 

For those in the Southern Tier, Moss Lake and Swallow Hollow Nature Trail are great options and are also considered hidden hiking gems in WNY. Both have several different trails and sit near water that makes it perfect bird-watching spots. 

For more information and recommendations on local hiking Visit Buffalo Niagara