March 16, 2021

Nature Play Strategy Group

As you know, Project Play WNY engages over 200 individuals through the Advisory Council and five Working Groups. In addition to these groups, community members are encouraged to come together to form strategy groups aimed at changing the 21st Century youth sports narrative.

In 2020, several Western New York residents created the Nature Play Strategy Group. Led by Mike Brace from the Nature Conservancy and Dave Bauer, author of What’s Under the Rock Papa, along with Kate Braun from The Champion Project. The first pilot ran by this group was in collaboration with Young Audiences WNY and held 3 sessions of outdoor nature play. Participants experienced nature walks, mediation, sensory exercise, sled races, and outdoor free play. If you are interested in joining the Nature Play group or are interested in hosting any of the programming, email

For more information on the different strategy groups Project Play WNY supports, email